I’m a designer who enjoys the conclusion of a successfully completed project in all forms of art. After long hours put into any project, it’s a wonderful feeling to sit back and admire the creation in front of you! 


As a North Carolina native who grew up in a small town, I enjoyed the peace and serenity of small town living and the hidden gems of art that came with it. My interest for digital design came from the idea of being able to create anywhere on the go. After receiving my associates in Graphic Design from King’s College, Charlotte, NC I went on to receive my bachelors in Mass Communications from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Go Braves! After graduating I did layout and design work for the Mecklenburg Times Newspaper for a number of years before the company was bought out and relocated to Minneapolis. 


Since that time of life, I’ve spent a great deal of time working as a freelance graphic designer and  recently (October 2019) graduated from Ashworth College to ensure that I was staying current with my abilities as a designer. I enjoy lending my services to local start-ups, entrepreneurs seeking a solid start at their chance for success and non-profits who continue to make a difference in the community they serve. The result of those interactions and building those professional relationships prompted me to move forward with Jamison Graphics to better serve, not only the needs of those mentioned, but the world around me in a more professional capacity.